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The true taste of Argentina
restaurant Rotterdam
restaurant Rotterdam
restaurant Rotterdam
restaurant Rotterdam
restaurant Rotterdam
restaurant Rotterdam
restaurant Rotterdam
restaurant Rotterdam

El Gaucho

We will take care of the perfect steak for you at El Gaucho in the beautiful city of Rotterdam. Our high quality food and good service will result in an unforgettable night at El Gaucho. El Gaucho is an authentic Argentinian Steakhouse where you can find the best meat. In the past years we have built up a big reputation at El Gaucho by strictly maintaining the quality of our food and our excellent service. Pay a visit to our restaurant and experience the true taste of Argentina at El Gaucho Rotterdam!

The perfect

An extensive menu at El Gaucho

Our menu is focused on the Argentinian cuisine and especially on the high quality steaks and grilled food. The biggest part of our menu consists of our different steaks. You can think of filet steak, sirloin, rump steak, ribeye and more. When visiting El Gaucho, you decide how much meat you want yourself. You can choose from our steaks of 225 grams, but also 300, 350 or even 400 grams. By leaving the decision to you, we can offer every type of diner a suitable dish. In case you are very hungry and look forward to having a big piece of meat, please feel free to choose a steak of any weight.

Other than steaks we also serve other dishes at El Gaucho. We offer various fish specialties of the grill or fajitas. El Gaucho’s fajitas are served with chicken filet or steak and consist of grilled slices of marinated chicken filet or rump steak with onions and red or green pepper. All our main courses include salad and French fries, baked potato or potato cubes. Together with the salad and any potato dish of your choice your main dish is completed.

Besides our wide variety of main courses at El Gaucho, we also offer different side dishes. You can think of various types of grilled vegetables, but also royal basmati rice, salad and fries can be ordered on the side. Thanks to our wide variety of steaks and fish specialties there will always be a dish of your choice and taste. Surprise yourself by tasting our fine Argentinian cuisine. All of our dishes are prepared with care and will amaze you by the high quality and good taste.

High quality meat

At El Gaucho we are focused on the quality of our meat. Given the fact that we are an Argentinian Steakhouse, for us it is very important to offer high quality meat to our guests. Our famous steaks are tender and professionally grilled. The chefs in our kitchen are highly experienced. This experience will certainly be proven in the taste of our dishes and can also be seen from the way the dishes are served.

Experience the ultimate El Gaucho service

In addition to our high quality food, at El Gaucho Rotterdam we understand that also the service is of high essence. To make your night at our restaurant unforgettable, we strive to offering the best service possible. Our staff is focused on creating a good ambiance in our restaurant and at all times will be available in the most friendly way. Furthermore, our staff is capable of flawlessly recommend dishes and drinks. In case of allergies or diets, our staff will kindly help you making the right choice. After ordering your food in our restaurant, the chefs at El Gaucho skillfully start preparing your food with care and make sure it is served correctly. On a daily basis our chefs prepare the most delicious Argentinian dishes with a passion and culinary craftsmanship you will not forget.

El Gaucho
Friendly staff, amazing quality food, good music! Different kinds of steak in any weight, delicious appetizers and desserts and everything looks, smells and tastes in a way that makes you want more! Good prices for the quality food you get! Definitely recommend paying a visit!
Joëlle vh
We can't skip this restaurant whenever we are in Rotterdam. The best steak I have ever had was here. We will definitely come as soon as it is possible for restaurants to open again.
Had dinner here tonight and the food was excellent, just like the staff and the ambiance! Definitely coming back!
The best meat of Rotterdam and super friendly staff. Always our go-to restaurant!
Michelle Tamara
Delicious food, fast and friendly service.
Good accessible by car and near a parking garage.
A real recommendation😀
Nel Rijken

El Gaucho: the steakhouse of Rotterdam!

We earned our reputation both inside and outside Rotterdam by serving high quality food and offering exceptional service. In the coming years we will do everything in our power to improve El Gaucho’s reputation and keep growing in the quality and hospitality we offer. At El Gaucho it’s about the passion and culinary craftsmanship and you will most certainly taste it when eating our food. Pay a visit to taste our authentic Argentinian dishes and enjoy the hospitality at El Gaucho Rotterdam. Would you rather enjoy our food at home? Take a look at our take away menu!


Enjoy our specialties at home

Dear guests,

Unfortunately we would have to miss your personal visit to our restaurants due to the new corona measures. It is unnecessary to say that this affects us a lot.

Rather than wailing too much, we have put a lot of effort in answering the question: what can we do instead?

(Thuisbezorgd and Uber Eats).

- You can TAKE AWAY

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